Snowpack Model for the Blewett – Swauk Pass Area

This page is out of date

Although there are several remote data sites fairly near the ski terrain around Swauk Pass, only one is suitable for the snowpack model. Only the Blewett Pass SNOTEL site is high enough ( 4270 ft. elv.) and reports the necessary temp. and precip / SWE data.



The site is about 0.4 miles NW of Blewett Pass, above the ‘Old Blewett Pass Highway’ right on the county line. It could be considered to be on the SE shoulder of what has been called Roughhouse Mtn. in Jeff Howbert’s Back Court 100 list.


Data Reporting:

For the 03-04 season this site reported data at 6 hour intervals. This had the potential of causing  major errors if conditions change rapidly.


For the 04-05 winter, Scott Pattee, Water Supply Specialist with the Washington Snow Survey Office reports that the Blewett site, along with the Fish Lake and Olallie Meadows sites have been upgraded to hourly reporting. Thanks for the info Scott!


The Sasse Ridge model is able to use the temperature during each hour interval to predict if any precip fell as snow or rain at any given elevation, and now the Blewett model will too.


The current Swauk – Blewett graphs are very similar to the ones for Sasse Ridge. Instead of solar radiation however, some Swauk Pass DOT data  may be displayed if I can get it to work consistently.


Here is the link to the current Swauk Blewett graphs, posted about 5:30 every morning. It’s linked in the sidebar too.


See the Sasse Ridge section for more details about the model.



Last update: Friday, July 09, 2021