Some background:

Now that the website is getting an occasional hit, it occurred to me that some might be wondering about who wrote this stuff. Is he really crazy, or does it just appear so?

I may delete this tomorrow out of sheer embarrassment, but here's a little history, without the benefit of my image consultants. They are *so* expensive.

After I finished school and then training, and then getting a real job I started backpacking. I drifted away from it after 10 years or so, mostly from work pressures I suppose. When I retired at the age of 50, I started hiking a little, then a lot, then more. It was not long before I started going out each week, every week year round, one or two nights. For the 6 or 7 years, (or is it 7 or 8?) I've been spending maybe 110 days or more out in the mountains each year, about half on snow with skis, half booting it. Most of the time 200 k plus vert. per year. The rest of the time I amuse myself with related projects like this one, or inventing and making my own gear. Some of it actually works. OK, it does work, but probably only for me.


January 1, 2008


A lot has happened since I wrote this with the result that this site has had little attention. It looks so dated now that it’s embarrassing. LR 2013

Near the summit of Black Peak, August 2007                                                                  Photo by John Morrow


What’s this “SRMC” stuff all about?

Every once and awhile, SMRC pops up in stuff that I do. I suppose an explanation is in order, or out of order as it may be.


SRMC originally stood for Sasse Ridge Medical Clinic, where I snow camp each week during the winter; the only clinic where the doctor is always out, and where no appointment is ever needed … because it would not make any difference if a person had one.


When I started making stuff for the wilderness rangers in the Cle Elum RD, SRMC became the Sasse Ridge Manufacturing Company, an industry leader in producing unnecessary but techie stuff, just what every wilderness ranger needs to get his pack weight up  when it’s too light.


And after I started documenting some of the winter wilderness patrols, SRMC became the Sasse Ridge Media Consortium, the third member of the Sasse Ridge group of fine companies. 



August, 2008