GPS’d Trails in the Cle Elum RD


Cle Elum RD trails shown on USGS topo maps are often outdated, or just plain wrong. Another of my little projects has been to GPS the hiking trails in the district, at least the ones that I like.

Here is a National Geographic Topo! file showing most of the trails I have done to date (19 so far). NGS Topo! version 3.X and above is needed to view the file. It will not work with the older version 2.x.


The trails or portions of trials shown in this file were GPS'd in 2004 and 2005 using a Geko 201 GPS receiver with tracks recorded both up and down the trail. Except in deep valleys where GPS signals are weak, accuracy is often within 50 feet, and to within 20 feet in higher sections of trails. You may need to zoom the 7.5 minute topo maps to 200 or 300 percent to see the full detail. However, if it is of critical importance, accuracy should not be assumed.


Trail numbers were taken from the Cle Elum Ranger District Trail Guide. Trail users should be aware that on occasion, trail signage might reflect an older numbering system, or that both the new and older numbers may appear. Some of the trails have not been GPS'd for their full length, so the milage indicated by Topo! may nor correspond with the published length. This should be apparent when viewing the maps.


This file has been casually reviewed by Ranger District staff but all errors are mine!


Larry R