Collecting snow for melt water

One of the things that keeps me interested in ski camping when there just are not going to be many turns is the joy of thinking of easier ways to do things. It seems that every trip I think something. Sometimes the ideas work, sometimes not.  This week and last I tried out my new plastic-bag-for snow-to-melt-for-water-holder-opener. I have no idea what it should be called. And it worked great too. Yes, really.  


For a number of years I've used plastic grocery store produce bags to store snow to use for snow melt water. After I get my tent set up, I pack 2 or 3 of these with snow and set them just outside the door of my tent. That way, once I'm inside I do not have to get out again except to visit the outhouse if I'm not so inclined. Like when it's pouring rain, or a blizzard, or I'm just feeling lazy.


Stuffing very light snow in the bags can be a pain, so several years ago I made a flexible hoop of plastic rod that would hold the top of the bag open. That works OK, but my new Super Deluxe Totally Redesigned and Re-engineered model works much better.


It's the same idea but it's made of  ~1/16th  inch diameter fiberglass rod bent into a 7 inch diameter circle and secured with a short piece of brass tube. Weight 4 gms. You slip the hoop in the bag, fold the top of the bag down over the hoop, grasp the hoop and scoop up the snow. Very quick.


OK, so it's kind'a trivial. But if I add a whole bunch of these little things together they do make a difference in the comfort level for me, and keep me coming back.