Links to miscellaneous photo albums that may be of interest:

Iíve finally got around to generating a few photo albums of pictures that Iíve posted here or there that still may be useful to various folks.

In no particular order:

Slide paths on Red Mtn.

These pics show quite extensive slide paths on Red Mtn. (Cle Elum valley). These slides occurred during the major avalanche cycle this past winter, 2008

Major climax avalanche off Kitling Peak

These pics from May 2008; they speak for themselves. Lowell Skoog used a few of them to illustrate the hazards of snow travel in the spring here.

Miscellaneous pics of possible interest

Pics that have been linked to posts here or there, or are unusual.

The Dartmouth Turn demonstrated by Larryís Sister

This is† from an old Turns All Year post:

Here's a little video of Jane demonstrating the Dartmouth turn at our campsite on Sasse Ridge this Wednesday. 12 mb, windows media file format.

And yes, Jane is, or should I say was a full-time ski instructor. But she is retired and no longer has ski instructor malpractice insurance, therefore this video is *strictly for entertainment purposes only* and should not be used for any other purpose. Don't even think about trying this turn without competent, certified instruction from recognized ski schools who display the "We Teach the Dartmouth Turn" logo. :-)

A link to some of my Turns All Year posts. I forget half of the things Iíve written about there. :-) I guess that gives me plausible deniability.