Virtual Reality Panoramas from the Washington Cascades

Help — Hints on using the DevalVR files

When I click on the file link all I see is a white grid on a black background:

This is the normal behavior for Apple QuickTime. Just wait for the file to load; they are quite large. When the file loaded the image will appear and you can start navigating.


I don’t want to install any new software; how can I view the files?

In order to view the files you need Apple QuickTime, or the DevalVR browser plug-in. The MS Windows OS may install the DevalVR browser plug-in automatically when you click on a link to a panorama. If not see the DevalVR instructions below.


 It’s possible that other QTVR (QuickTime Virtual Reality) viewers might work also but I have not tried them. Most newer PCs come with QuickTime installed. If not, it’s a free download from Apple. I’ll assume that all Macs have QuickTime.


For PC users, I’ve provided a few alternate links that instruct the browser to use QuickTime so at least you can see what these files are about. The quality compared to the DevalVR viewer however is poor. On the Mac, the files play quite will in QuickTime.


I would very much hope that you will investigate and then try the DevalVR viewer. It’s much faster loading, the controls work smoothly with a very nice deceleration feature when you stop moving the mouse, the zoom is fantastic, and there is a wonderful little magnifier that allows you to easily see detail without zooming in and out. The new compass feature that I’m in the process of adding requires that the DevalVR viewer be used.


Work-around for Mac users and PC users are not able to install DevalVR:

The latest files will not load directly in Apple QuickTime. There is a work-around however. After clicking on the link to the file, go to the address bar and back out the .html and substitute .mov then hit enter. Please respect the copyright. It is contained within the .mov file, but is not seen when you view the file with QuickTime. You will also not see some of the other info displayed with the DevalVR viewer.


The DevalVR viewer does not support the Mac OS yet.  Be sure to wait for the file to load. Up, down right and left control is with the mouse or the arrow keys. Zoom in and out are with the Mac equivalent of the shift and control keys on a PC.


Which DevalVR viewer do I download and use?

 The DevalVR viewer exists both as a stand alone QTVR player and as a browser plug-in, just like QuickTime. To see all the VR files on this website, use the DevalVR browser plug-in. There is an install button for PCs using Internet Explorer on the DevalVR viewer home page.


Alternately this page has links for installing the DevalVR browser plug-in; the first link “DevalVR plug-in installer program” downloads an exe file that you save on your hard drive which will install the browser plug-in. It can be uninstalled of course. The second link “DevalVR plug-in installation page” leads to a page that will install the plug-in through the browser. There are instructions about the usual security warnings. This page works for Vista too. This second download link under “DevalVR Plug-in”  is the one you want.


Some of the DevalVR features do not work:

Update the viewer to the latest version. You can right click in the browser window and choose ‘update’, or you can simply install the new version over the old one on the DevalVR viewer home page.


I want to use these images for […..]:

 Please contact me at the address below.

Larry Robinson,  November 5, 2011


Link to the DevalVR files

“How come this VR stuff don’t work?”

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